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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Science, communism, and the president

Scientists are arguing that W. is bending studies to his will and that he is hurting scientific progress. A comparison to 1930's Soviet Russia is drawn:

"Starting in the 1930s, the Soviets spurned genetics in favor of Lysenkoism, a fraudulent theory of heredity inspired by Communist ideology. Doing so crippled agriculture in the U.S.S.R. for decades. You would think that bad precedent would have taught President George W. Bush something. But perhaps he is no better at history than at science."

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From now on, I just add them. Too many to post. I would otherwise be consumed by my own blog. what's your guess? Seems to me it would be just as reliable as the press right now.

Did they find the WMD or not?
Looks like Bush may be pulling a "Kerry" and retracting his apologies.

Predictable Politics: Press attention chart

Check it out here, where you can find out who wins and who loses in the UNScam scandal as well.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

News from the other side

Political blog for conservatives.

Yet another blog link
(ironically brought to you by the writer of an anti-spam blog)

This blog isn't truly political, but most of it has political thoughts, so I thought I'd share.

New political blog link

Here's a place for the liberals.

The faux-economics of government intervention

Dave Barry links to this article. This requires a registration. Please fight forced registrations, and use for a fake login.

OK...they're trying to ban livestock that's raised for food from being eaten...that...makes...NO sense. First they cry out that the farmers need to sell more so the government stops giving them money. Now they want the farmers to stop selling their livestock. Great. Just butt out of the economy already!

New favorite slogan -- the 3 F's

F the law
F politics

More automated politics

Veep-o-matic 2004: Find Kerry's Running mate
This is also a good place to follow the election.

You need to register. Use one of the fake logins at, please. Help fight surveilance.

What use is a National Archivist who doesn't want to look at the records?
(thanks to a post from baylink)

Bush is playing political chess with bureaucracy again. Apparently, this move is illegal. Proof that the government is sticking its nose where it doesn't belong -- and covering it up.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

How to Read This Blog

While commenting on another blog, it has come to my attention that some people will only read parts of a piece and discard the rest. Using this type of logic here will get you nowhere. I cover both sides of the issue, and, with views aligned more closely with libertarianism, I feel that I qualify as an objective observer.

If you do attempt to apply selective reading to my blog, you can come to one of three conclusions:

1. I hate Kerry and will do what I can to prevent his election.

2. I hate Bush and will do what I can to prevent his election.

3. I am encouraging others to hate both Kerry and Bush, and politics in general. I am an enemy of the state and will not rest until the elections system is usurped by anarchy and self-government. (Half-truth)

*NONE of the above are completely true*

I will not rest until the state backs out of our personal lives, but it is necessary to have some form of government. I find that my views are quite in line with the Libertarian party, but I vote Democrat because that is the closest to promoting a free society with a candidate who has a shot at getting elected. This blog is supposed to cover both sides of the major election issues and will only mildly affect my stories. Links, however, will be biased out of necessity, because they reflect sites that I have read.

Reality Check

I've never felt so detached from an election campaign in my life. Is there no accountability? Funny how, though I've followed the elections for years, this is the first year I can vote when I begin to feel that nobody running is suited to lead our country. Even Ralph Nader, the likely third-party candidiate, is just another nutter to me. I am concerned about our country's future. However, a petition for both nominees to step down isn't going to accomplish much. I think voting is important to make your voice heard, but I also feel like I have no choice but to vote for someone with whom I am uncomfortable. Is not voting really an option I should be considering (or one I should be promoting so that the winner is denied a clear mandate)? I know voting is a big deal, but making sure that your vote is saying what you want it to say is an even bigger deal.

Battle of the websites

Looks like the online debate is heating up. In response to the D-bunker on Kerry's site, Bush features a D-Bunker Buster. Really mature of two debating adults, huh?

Here's a place to check the REAL facts:

Whoa! Get a load of this one!

Apparrently, the campaign strategists for the Kerry camp aren't too bright. First the websites, and now this parody, which has been Google bombed up to #1, above his contribution site, and disguised as official. It fooled me until I clicked on a link. I thought it was a rebuttal to negative ads at first. A few things it brings up are so true, though.

How could even the dumbest of anyone's campaign workers, let alone Kerry's, forget to register a domain under the program's own name? Probably flip-flopped on the idea.

Hmmm...troops in Iraq or unpredictable policy? You decide in '04.

My beef with American politics

This post on another blog of mine led to the creation of this site, so I thought I'd place it here:

Earth Day and Communism

Did you know that Earth Day coincides with Lenin's birthday? And why is there a single day set aside to respect the environment? Shouldn't we be taking care of it all the time? And why don't we let the professionals who get paid to clean up do it for the public? We could just as easily go help nature (the original intent) and clean up the woods, or help non-profit organizations who rely on volunteers (like my church, where I helped clean things up and saved them $1000's that they could use to help its parishoners elsewhere).

The Incredible [Famous Radical Name] Algorithm For Generating Correct Political Positions.

The U.S. is so predictable in policy that nobody actually thinks for themselves anymore. They just turn to their political alliances and churn out policy.

John Kerry's campaign has supported the creation of personal websites to support him.

However, they apparently haven't been monitoring what they're saying lately. Some have been banned in the past, but the more recent ones remain.

This one supplies views similar to mine. It supports Kerry half-way (but I don't think the campaign would appreciate how the support is being expressed). I also find it amusing that a quick browsing of Google search results for "John Kerry" places Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry above John Kerry's own blog!

The Bad Hair Blog has images of the deleted websites in posts titled "File this in the Not A Good Idea drawer" and "The Not A Good Idea that's still going." (Sorry, I don't know how to link to individual posts on that site.)


Only in America.

Only in America is our freedom perverted into people hiring lawyers to tell others to mind their manners. Only in America can we get fat off McDonald's and Burger King and hire a lawyer to sue them for making us fat. Only in America can we look at things and come to uninformed conclusions without being laughed into oblivion. Only in America can we parole convicted killers to make room for pot-heads. Only in America are we allowed to start a war without proving the reasons and pass the buck until it disappears if the information was wrong.

Why does this go on?

Only in America can we deny responsibility for our actions and back our case with a lawyer who can pervert the English language into an argument that proves that responsibility never existed in the first place.

Which leads us right back to the title of this [READ HERE AS: "my other"] blog: Politics Is a Bunch of [flora].

Those of you who still trust the media and think they're telling you the truth

Do NOT click here.

Here's a good political site

While True offers some good commentary on political events.

Speech vs. Reality

Bush's lies

Kerry's lies

You see this correctly. They both lied to get in good with the voters. That's politics for you, and that's why I'm here. To bust through the lies and help detangle the web of deceit for the rest of the U.S. to see. Here we find good reasons why neither candidate should win and why we should all vote for Dave Barry for president.

Good luck, and may the best liar win!

Character Test

Here's two responses to Vietnam:

"'I request duty in Vietnam. My billet preference is "Swift" boats with a second choice of Patrol Officer in PHR Squadron. ... I consider the opportunity to serve in Vietnam an extremely important part of being in the armed forces and believe that my request is in the best interests of the Navy.'--Ensign John Kerry, 10 February 1968

"'I was not prepared to shoot my eardrum out with a shotgun in order to get a deferment. Nor was I willing to go to Canada. So I chose to better myself by learning how to fly airplanes.' --George W. Bush, February 1990"

Taken from The Ruth Group.

Monday, April 26, 2004

The War on Drugs Takes a Direct Hit

A man who actually needs painkillers has been charged with drug trafficking, without selling a single pill. Thanks to mandatory minimum sentencing, he will be treated just as harshly as a drug dealer.

More at:
National Review
Reason Online
Pain Relief Network

Where Do You Stand?

This is how I scored:

Find out where you stand on The World's Smallest Political Quiz.

Don't forget the facts.

I hate politics. However, the only way to change it and make it liveable is if we can at least sift through the shit politicians give us every day, and find the candidate most likely to keep you free, if not tell the truth.

According to these recent ads, Kerry both raises taxes, driving the economy into the dirt, and creates jobs, making things better. Bush both ruined the country by ignoring 9/11 and helped to create jobs. Sound the same? That's because they are. The smears both accuse the candidate of being detrimental to the country. The praises claim that they'll lead the nation into glory. What's new? Nothing. If you see those ads, ignore them. They don't even agree. That has "L-I-E" written all over it. I don't give a shit about the damned math! The opinions themselves are not rational. Making them look good with a bunch of numbers just doesn't cut it for me.