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Monday, April 26, 2004

Don't forget the facts.

I hate politics. However, the only way to change it and make it liveable is if we can at least sift through the shit politicians give us every day, and find the candidate most likely to keep you free, if not tell the truth.

According to these recent ads, Kerry both raises taxes, driving the economy into the dirt, and creates jobs, making things better. Bush both ruined the country by ignoring 9/11 and helped to create jobs. Sound the same? That's because they are. The smears both accuse the candidate of being detrimental to the country. The praises claim that they'll lead the nation into glory. What's new? Nothing. If you see those ads, ignore them. They don't even agree. That has "L-I-E" written all over it. I don't give a shit about the damned math! The opinions themselves are not rational. Making them look good with a bunch of numbers just doesn't cut it for me.