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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

How to Read This Blog

While commenting on another blog, it has come to my attention that some people will only read parts of a piece and discard the rest. Using this type of logic here will get you nowhere. I cover both sides of the issue, and, with views aligned more closely with libertarianism, I feel that I qualify as an objective observer.

If you do attempt to apply selective reading to my blog, you can come to one of three conclusions:

1. I hate Kerry and will do what I can to prevent his election.

2. I hate Bush and will do what I can to prevent his election.

3. I am encouraging others to hate both Kerry and Bush, and politics in general. I am an enemy of the state and will not rest until the elections system is usurped by anarchy and self-government. (Half-truth)

*NONE of the above are completely true*

I will not rest until the state backs out of our personal lives, but it is necessary to have some form of government. I find that my views are quite in line with the Libertarian party, but I vote Democrat because that is the closest to promoting a free society with a candidate who has a shot at getting elected. This blog is supposed to cover both sides of the major election issues and will only mildly affect my stories. Links, however, will be biased out of necessity, because they reflect sites that I have read.