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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

My beef with American politics

This post on another blog of mine led to the creation of this site, so I thought I'd place it here:

Earth Day and Communism

Did you know that Earth Day coincides with Lenin's birthday? And why is there a single day set aside to respect the environment? Shouldn't we be taking care of it all the time? And why don't we let the professionals who get paid to clean up do it for the public? We could just as easily go help nature (the original intent) and clean up the woods, or help non-profit organizations who rely on volunteers (like my church, where I helped clean things up and saved them $1000's that they could use to help its parishoners elsewhere).

The Incredible [Famous Radical Name] Algorithm For Generating Correct Political Positions.

The U.S. is so predictable in policy that nobody actually thinks for themselves anymore. They just turn to their political alliances and churn out policy.

John Kerry's campaign has supported the creation of personal websites to support him.

However, they apparently haven't been monitoring what they're saying lately. Some have been banned in the past, but the more recent ones remain.

This one supplies views similar to mine. It supports Kerry half-way (but I don't think the campaign would appreciate how the support is being expressed). I also find it amusing that a quick browsing of Google search results for "John Kerry" places Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry above John Kerry's own blog!

The Bad Hair Blog has images of the deleted websites in posts titled "File this in the Not A Good Idea drawer" and "The Not A Good Idea that's still going." (Sorry, I don't know how to link to individual posts on that site.)


Only in America.

Only in America is our freedom perverted into people hiring lawyers to tell others to mind their manners. Only in America can we get fat off McDonald's and Burger King and hire a lawyer to sue them for making us fat. Only in America can we look at things and come to uninformed conclusions without being laughed into oblivion. Only in America can we parole convicted killers to make room for pot-heads. Only in America are we allowed to start a war without proving the reasons and pass the buck until it disappears if the information was wrong.

Why does this go on?

Only in America can we deny responsibility for our actions and back our case with a lawyer who can pervert the English language into an argument that proves that responsibility never existed in the first place.

Which leads us right back to the title of this [READ HERE AS: "my other"] blog: Politics Is a Bunch of [flora].