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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Reality Check

I've never felt so detached from an election campaign in my life. Is there no accountability? Funny how, though I've followed the elections for years, this is the first year I can vote when I begin to feel that nobody running is suited to lead our country. Even Ralph Nader, the likely third-party candidiate, is just another nutter to me. I am concerned about our country's future. However, a petition for both nominees to step down isn't going to accomplish much. I think voting is important to make your voice heard, but I also feel like I have no choice but to vote for someone with whom I am uncomfortable. Is not voting really an option I should be considering (or one I should be promoting so that the winner is denied a clear mandate)? I know voting is a big deal, but making sure that your vote is saying what you want it to say is an even bigger deal.