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Monday, May 31, 2004

Law Freaks, Your Stupidity Is Showing.

(thanks to Instapundit)

Here's some healthy debate on obesity liability. I am on the side of personal responsibility, as always.

Another issue brought up is one I remember from a year ago. The Body Mass Index, that crazy propaganda concept contrived by the government to make us look fat, renders physically fit people obese or overweight. They then use this index to justify the invasion of laws into the food industry. What happened to body composition? Wasn't the argument over fat in the first place?

Logic before laws.

The French Are at It Again.

(thanks to Chrenkoff)

I always wanted to stay out of the France-bashing in the past, but now I feel that they have warranted it. Looking back, they've deserved it this whole time. If you're not training your architects and engineers to design safe buildings and allowing them to just be "humbled" by failure, you are a moonbat in need of counseling, especially when your failure kills four people. Damned cowards, running away from consequences. First they run from war, after setting off all their nukes on someone else's land, and now they can't even have the guts to enact tougher building codes that work. Here's what the bastard who designed the airport had to say:

"Nothing is further from my ideas than to flirt with the limits of what is possible and put anything in danger."

Really? Then how'd the thing collapse?

"People say that if we just kept it simple, ordinary, cheap, if we weren't so proud, in short if we didn't practice architecture, then there would be no problems and no-one would be dead. As if accidents were linked to the quality of the architecture! That makes no sense."

I think the "people" are right. Your design makes the building. That's the quality control. The construction team only follows your plans.

"It is a magnificent building which made many people happy before, it is true, killing four. I want to keep in mind both those facts."

I think it's safe to say that we aren't happy anymore.

Here's my suggestion for "reality-that-isn't-really-real" TV:
True Life: I Screwed up My House

Contestants will be egotistical French architecture and engineering students who feel that their skills are nearly flawless. They will be required to design their own homes to live in anywhere in France, and they may not exit due to collapse.

Some might say I'm being too cruel. However, I think the families and loved ones of the innocent victims of this disaster are more than just "humbled."

What a jerk.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Good News from Iraq II

It's about time we saw the evidence of progress in Iraq. I was certain that troops weren't just bombing terrorists and torturing prisoners over there, and the officials being sent over there had to accomplish something of merit, or the Iraqis wouldn't be able to regain sovreignty by June 30...2008? Let's leave that argument for a future post. The issue at hand is that despite the tragedy and blunders, some good is coming from our efforts. Chrenkoff has found more of it.

***Blog Public Service Announcement***

Don't Drink and Vote.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Kerry Blasts Terrorists

John Kerry has just allayed my fears that he wouldn't handle the war on terror well. This is what he had to say on terrorism.

You, Too, Can Help Fight Terrorism.

(thanks to Are You High?!?)

The FBI has released the identities of seven known al-Qaeda operatives in the U.S.

Question: If they're KNOWN operatives, then why is all the publicity happening now?

The government also knows about terrorist cells existing in the U.S. As we speak, they're plotting our demise. Let's do our part, but with a critical eye. Don't forget that these are seven names out of quite possibly thousands who go undetected. I'm surprised that nothing became of the PA licensing scadal, in which several men bought fake Pennsylvania driver's licenses. It turned into another one of those local news whispers that faded away amidst the arguments over Iraq.

Time to step things up a bit.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Look at What You've Missed!

Thanks to one bad speech, college students have missed out big-time. Howard Dean wanted to begin to legalize pot. Damn.

Gore Appears to Require Assistance.

He's finally trying to extract that stick from his ass. Yes, that same one that he's been carrying around since 1992! I think he got a bit constipated during his latest speech.

It's just too bad he wasted it on the nothing of prison abuse in Iraq. What happened to the prison abuse HERE, where ass-raping in prison cells has become a joke?!

Presidential Election Prediction

John Kerry on the Issues

George W. Bush on the Issues

Analysis: Kerry is more electable by his own party because of his liberal stance. However, this makes for an uphill battle in gaining the conservative Republican vote. Bush is more electable by liberals because of his moderate stance. However, his more conservative cabinet members detract from this moderate image, decreasing the effect. This also means that he does not represent his party well.

My Prediction: Kerry will win, but without a clear mandate.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Zoning Laws Face the Trash Heap

Zoning laws have become irrelevant. Just look at this case, where a container business was built in the middle of the adult entertainment zone in a MA town. Now the owners, who had a strip club shut down in another location, give the community a choice: strip club or landfill. Ironic how this involves a "container" business, isn't it? Isn't that the point of zoning laws, too? They obviously aren't working.


(thanks to Wizbang!)

In times of trouble, with the massive conflict in the Middle East and the war on terror, blogger/writer Bill Whittle has provided some encouragement. It's a long read, but it's worth your time.

Strength I
Strength II

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Semi-political Rantings

I posted several rants today that fell more in line with my insane ramblings about contempt for idiots, but they also carried a few political messages, so I'll link to them from here.

Misperceptions: I Am Not Defending Fascists.

Do You Still Trust the Media?

Help! I'm Surrounded by Idiots!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Where's My Rights?

(thanks to Outside the Beltway)

In addition to being an 18-year-old who thinks he should be able to legally drink alcoholic beverages, I also would like to do so without the excessive regulation. You either get the alcohol or you don't. None of this "permit" crap.

"Dude, WTF?" News from Amsterdam

(thanks to The Spoons Experience)

Everything is legal there, including pot, right?

No. The drugs are OK as long as you don't shoot anyone over them. Or shoot anyone period. Now 71-year-old DISABLED men can't defend themselves from robbers. I can understand a senseless shooting, but not a man trying to defend his property. If you don't want to get hurt, don't break the law!

I'm not sure if I blogged about this earlier, but I think gun control is going the wrong way. If we all had guns, then crime would be dangerous, and people would go back to the old-fashioned method of paying for their goods.

Scandal in the White House? I'm shocked.

You say it involves an intern? Holy crap! That's big news!


Hey, remember the Clinton years? Deja vu + a blog.

News About Iraq

Chrenkoff notes some progress in the restoration of order to Iraq. Good news has been rare in recent days, and I appreciate as much of it as I can get.

Nicholas Berg's father made this statement:
"George Bush never looked into my son’s eyes. George Bush doesn’t know my son, and he is the worse for it. George Bush, though a father himself, cannot feel my pain, or that of my family, or of the world that grieves for Nick, because he is a policymaker, and he doesn’t have to bear the consequences of his acts. George Bush can see neither the heart of Nick nor that of the American people, let alone that of the Iraqi people his policies are killing daily."

If you want to discuss political decisions that result in death, take a look at Saddam first. He killed all of his opponents. Obviously, this man was not thinking clearly.

Newsflash -- WE ALREADY HAVE TROOPS IN IRAQ! Quit trying to judge whether the war was right and focus on what we're to do NOW. This crap with the media trying to discredit the Bush administration with grief-fueled opinions must stop. Use facts, please. The real question is: How can we withdraw troops from Iraq without leaving a chaotic mess behind?

Friday, May 21, 2004

"Libertarian" Is NOT the Same as "Pedophile"

Some ideas that are moral decisions must be protected by the government for safety's sake and to preserve our sanity.

You've got to be kidding me!

I was alerted of this by Wizbang!, where it is filed under "asshats."

I emailed Hooters and asked them to stop this madness. Here's what I wrote:
"I think it would be a good idea for you to immediately
halt the Little Miss Hooters contest that has been
advertised at one of your restaurants. There is
something wrong with advertising as a family
restaurant and then holding a contest that will
interest no one besides pedophiles.

Five-year-olds should not be dressing provocatively.
This is something that should be reserved for someone
who is mature enough to understand attraction to the
opposite sex at least. You may also offend many
potential customers by holding such a contest on a

I hope this pageant does not happen as scheduled."

Tell Hooters PR what you think.


It's now a swimsuit contest.

The Great Debate

How many times have you heard the word "waffle" used in association with Kerry? I'm sick of it. It's Republican propaganda, and it's disgustingly effective. Why? W. somehow managed to overcome his own "waffling" with even better lies about what he's doing now. Proof: Bush vs. Bush, c/o The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Politicians all lie to get votes. Deal with it. Move on, and come up with a better excuse.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

A New Reason to Vote John Kerry

His daughter exposes her "ramparts" on purpose!

Is it time for a regime change in America?

I pointed out in my comments on telcontar's blog that another body could point out that they have the authority to remove Bush just as he removed Saddam. Thanks to this site, I have been directed to a work in progress, the Regime Change Guide. It's only fair, right? W. didn't like Saddam, so he removed the man from office. They don't like W., so they want to remove HIM from office, too. Is anyone thinking "Golden Rule" yet?

Do you know who's watching?

Two websites that I know of can use keywords to track down your blog. I'm OK because I 'bot-proofed mine.

The Offending Sites:
Technocrat (shut down due to litigation)

The 'bot-proofing HTML:
[meta name="robots" content="noarchive,noindex,nofollow" /]

Good luck, and don't forget to boycott the RIAA!

In Defense of Separation of Church and State

I was reading some of the comments on Dave Barry's blog, and I came across this post:

"Considering that morality is undefined, and that most of my actions as a human being are lie-based, telling you I was going to bed when I had no intention to was actually amoral, neither good nor bad, and if you understood that my motive for telling you that was to keep you from worrying about me staying up all night, you might even consider it a highly moral act. So I actually had a very good reason, Mel, you see? It's very logical, when you think about it.

Posted by: Doug Brockmeier on May 19, 2004 08:55 AM"

There you have it. This is precisely what I mean when I say that democracy is neutral. Telling the truth and lying are both highly moral acts. The government cannot decide for the masses.

Gotta Love Those Foreigners

That is, as long as they do not hold political office. Before any of my other political views, I had confirmed the notion that foreigners are free to become citizens, but they have no business serving in our government. Most of them retain allegiances to their home countries.

Such is the case with "Ahnold." CA needs motorcycles, and the German company BMW is the leading contractor in the bidding. Harley-Davidson, which is MADE IN THE U.S.A., has been excluded. The CA governor's bias is showing. He'd better go rip off a woman's blouse to use in covering it up.

This issue hits home not only because of outsourcing, but also because Harleys are made in my state, PA. We are suffering because of a foreign bias. I have no problem with BMW bidding, just that our own country's factories should have a chance! Common sense, right? Not if you have cultural ties to Germany. Thank you, Governor Ed Rendell, for going to the media with this issue. I think the debate should go beyond the motorcycles, though.

*Political Humor*
In Defense of John Kerry

By now, you should know that John Kerry is a douche bag, but I'm voting for him anyway. Want to know why? David Letterman's show explained it best:

"Every time a Republican is president, we have Kerry -- no cicadas."

*Political Humor*
You Might Be a Libertarian if...

(apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)

Just humor, no offense intended:

You might be a Libertarian if you think you have property rights over a speck of dirt on your lawn, but you think that your dangerous alcoholic neighbor who always hits your mailbox with his uninsured car doesn't deserve jail time.

You might be a Libertarian if you complain to Congress that the economy is unfair, but you don't want the government to do anything about it.

You might be a Libertarian if you fear that the government is invading your privacy, but there's nothing wrong with hackers who can steal your identity.

You might be a Libertarian if you accept gay marriage, as long as it isn't near you.

You might be a Libertarian if you believe in freedom of speech, but the editors have the right to censor their work anyway because it's their property.

Small Libertarian Victories

Kobe Bryant is allowed to play for the L.A. Lakers (basketball) during court proceedings.

A hockey player (can't remember the name) severely injured an opponent and was suspended for a year. He was not charged in court.

Last week, when Miami Dolphins RB (football) Ricky Williams tested positive for marijuana, he was placed in intervention, not jail.

Sports organizations have no political affiliation, but the way they handle their legal cases sure is Libertarian in nature. Intervention before legal action.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Return of the Poll

Note the new poll, thanks to Bravenet. It's back. And I can IP ban jackasses.

Be fair.

So far, BLOGGERTM support has only fixed one of my sites. Oh well, I guess you need to pick your battles, even on a blog. Just go to Uncensored Blog Madness for the JohnKerryIsADoucheBagBut... link.

The U.S. Supreme Court: A Democratic Dictatorship?

U.S. Supreme Court justices are far too powerful. They have the last say in lawsuits right or wrong, and they get to decide for themselves whether their actions demonstrate a conflict of interest.

Something needs to be done. Impartial justice can only be achieved through the system of checks and balances, one that has recently been ignored. Time to give Congress a role in judges accused of improper conduct.

Message to Censors

I tried to be civil, but I got nothing. If that's how it has to be, here's my response:

Middle Finger Gear - Cool Flip Off T-shirts, Hats, and Stickers With Attitude.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Censorship on THIS blog?

Even the blog I reserved for my more civil, eloquent comments has been hit by the censorship bug. The site

[no thanks to BLOGGER] is a serious website with valid political views, albeit inundated with profanity. Why the hell has it been blocked from my links section? Damned fascists. This is going to be the topic of a nice love letter to the folks at BLOGGERTM in the near future.

Who came up with the idea of "profane" language?


1. Marked by contempt or irreverence for what is sacred.
2. Nonreligious in subject matter, form, or use; secular: sacred and profane music.
3. Not admitted into a body of secret knowledge or ritual; uninitiated.
4. Vulgar; coarse.

It can only be considered negative by opinion -- i.e., irreverent, vulgar, nonreligious. This means that only the religious can oppose profanity, that is, if even they view the language as irreverent. As for "nonreligious," secular and religious language can be combined. That's how you get modern English. I conclude that this is further proof that we're letting the terrorists win.

Let's do our part to preserve freedom and fight censorship.


BLOGGERTM has blocked it here, too. I'm trying, but it's not coming through. Not sure what's wrong with the site, and they refuse to respond. This is not the way adults play. They debate the issues and come to a reasonable conclusion. Gimme a break...!

Monday, May 10, 2004

Privacy vs. Security
(thanks to telcontar)

I am dumbfounded as to how forgetting to pick up your luggage is an offense worthy of jail time. If the airport simply hired an extra security guard, it could have avoided the entire fiasco. Big Brother is ignoring the fact that not all security problems are the result of poor judgement -- despite heavy regulation, businesses still make mistakes. Some are the result of poor business practice, such as this one.

My experience with freedom and why a limited government is necessary

Discipline is necessary to ensure true freedom -- freedom from abuse.

OK, so you're free. What the hell does that mean? Free to do what? Certainly not whatever you want, since that could violate someone else's freedom. We need some sort of control to protect those who are trampled upon by a disagreeing majority.

Why the harping on discipline?

I know I'm exposing myself to flames, so I feel that this must be explained:

I have been involved with the Boy Scouts of America since I was 5 years old, I am an Eagle Scout, and I continue to help my troop as an adult leader. I have seen with my own eyes that a breakdown of discipliine results in violence and abuse, while a strengthening of discipline results in order and respectfulness.

But you just said to get the government out!

Yes and no. The government should be protecting us from real harm. Free speech is necessary to communicate thoughts. Ideas can only cause imagined harm and only to those who believe them.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Indecency on Oprah

There is no way I could find better proof that censorship just doesn't work. The FCC fined Howard Stern's brodcasters for his discussion of explicit sexual terms. Oprah Winfrey allowed similar talk on her show, but she avoided charges because it was in a different manner. Indecency or not? It's too relative to be regulated.


Commenter Andy points out this story from Howard Stern's website. Oprah's dirty talk was too much for his show! Take a look at Stern's other articles. He may have a foul mouth, but he's got some good ideas.

The article in question requires registration. Please bypass this invasion of privacy using and obtaining a fake login.

What's wrong with the military again?

One of the major complaints that I hear against the military is that it is too disciplined. Well, here is what happens when you relax the rules -- The Smoking Gun provides information on the Iraqi prisoner abuse, which was blamed on a lack of discipline.


It has come to my attention that this also happens in the U.S. but is overlooked. I think we need a few more apologies and a lot more discipline.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

South Park: More than funny?

This post from points out the dual nature of the hit comedy. While it receives more praise for its humor, South Park is also a libertarian satire.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

*Political Humor*
Meet the real candidates

Looks like we've got Lurch vs. a chimpanzee.