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Monday, May 31, 2004

The French Are at It Again.

(thanks to Chrenkoff)

I always wanted to stay out of the France-bashing in the past, but now I feel that they have warranted it. Looking back, they've deserved it this whole time. If you're not training your architects and engineers to design safe buildings and allowing them to just be "humbled" by failure, you are a moonbat in need of counseling, especially when your failure kills four people. Damned cowards, running away from consequences. First they run from war, after setting off all their nukes on someone else's land, and now they can't even have the guts to enact tougher building codes that work. Here's what the bastard who designed the airport had to say:

"Nothing is further from my ideas than to flirt with the limits of what is possible and put anything in danger."

Really? Then how'd the thing collapse?

"People say that if we just kept it simple, ordinary, cheap, if we weren't so proud, in short if we didn't practice architecture, then there would be no problems and no-one would be dead. As if accidents were linked to the quality of the architecture! That makes no sense."

I think the "people" are right. Your design makes the building. That's the quality control. The construction team only follows your plans.

"It is a magnificent building which made many people happy before, it is true, killing four. I want to keep in mind both those facts."

I think it's safe to say that we aren't happy anymore.

Here's my suggestion for "reality-that-isn't-really-real" TV:
True Life: I Screwed up My House

Contestants will be egotistical French architecture and engineering students who feel that their skills are nearly flawless. They will be required to design their own homes to live in anywhere in France, and they may not exit due to collapse.

Some might say I'm being too cruel. However, I think the families and loved ones of the innocent victims of this disaster are more than just "humbled."

What a jerk.