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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Gotta Love Those Foreigners

That is, as long as they do not hold political office. Before any of my other political views, I had confirmed the notion that foreigners are free to become citizens, but they have no business serving in our government. Most of them retain allegiances to their home countries.

Such is the case with "Ahnold." CA needs motorcycles, and the German company BMW is the leading contractor in the bidding. Harley-Davidson, which is MADE IN THE U.S.A., has been excluded. The CA governor's bias is showing. He'd better go rip off a woman's blouse to use in covering it up.

This issue hits home not only because of outsourcing, but also because Harleys are made in my state, PA. We are suffering because of a foreign bias. I have no problem with BMW bidding, just that our own country's factories should have a chance! Common sense, right? Not if you have cultural ties to Germany. Thank you, Governor Ed Rendell, for going to the media with this issue. I think the debate should go beyond the motorcycles, though.