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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Conflict of Interest?

Chrenkoff links to Bush Country Ketchup, which is meant to be competition for Heinz.

While I disagree with the Bush Country Ketchup's support of Bush, I do think the issue that arises is intriguing. Some municipalities have ethics policies banning people with a business association from running for office. Should this be done on a larger scale to prevent Kerry from acting in the best interests of Heinz Ketchup?

This issue has applied to Johnstown, my hometown, recently.

It would have prevented Bush from taking office in the first place, Kerry from winning, and may have catapulted John Edwards to candidacy. Edwards wanted to lower taxes, offer incentives to companies that keep business in America. He also believes in individual rights and that gays should be allowed to marry. Democrats and Republicans alike could have found likeable policies. The greatest invention ever, right? No.

In short, no, it should not be legislated anymore. It already is. Thank God for the few rational politicians we have left.

The problem is that this was wrought by partisan voters and a biased media. I am reading a book right now called Out of Order, which points out that the media is just as much to blame as the electoral system for choosing bad candidates. I will be reporting my thoughts on this book and pointing out current examples, since the book came out in '92 on my main site, Uncensored Blog Madness.

Damn the partisans.

I say speak with your vote on business interests. However, the media is altering your opinions on said business interests. Speaking of media bias, my local newspaper is called the Tribune-Democrat (emphasis mine). This damned cycle is getting nowhere. I must finish that book.

Besides, isn't the Democratic party finding a candidate with interests in big business the best competition for Bush, a Reagan follower?

Respect, Please

It seems that respect for an ideological opposite has returned.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Summer Job Time

No, it's not forever. Just a slowdown. Nothing can stop a true internet addict.

Stem Cell Research and Abortion: No Connection

I am in favor of stem cell research.

Before you decide to bash me on the abortion issue, keep in mind that stem cell research has nothing to do with abortion.

R.I.P. Ronald Reagan

While some people have taken the opportunity to bash Reagan, I'm not going to be one of them. In fact, I am seething mad after seeing Ted Rall's article about him. The guy's dead. He had been out of politics since '88. What more could his enemies want? It's not all his fault. Let's step aside from the liberal propaganda and look at the good he did.

Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War. His original Star Wars plan didn't work, but he did succeed eventually. That's what counts. He is not to blame for the economy -- the wealthy are to blame. Reagan left it up to them to provide aid for the poor, and they didn't hold up their end of the bargain. Reagan's only crime was trusting his fellow man. His rhetoric carried something more meaningful than any other honest speech -- heart. He had faith in himself, his policy, and in his fellow man. For that he deserves the utmost respect.

Rest in peace.

Bush Does It Again

Our commander-in-chief has found yet another shameless exploitation to get votes. First it was twisting Kerry's vote into a denial of defense funding. Now he wants to take advantage of Reagan's death in his next campaign ad. He upset his own party!

Jim Morissey the Asshat

Jim Morissey is an example of a Democrat with whom I would NOT want to be associated. No president deserves to die. No human being deserves to die. That's a tragedy regardless of your beliefs.

Don't believe he's a Democrat? Look at the similarities between his latest album cover and one of Kerry's public appearances. The comparison says it all.

Go steal his music so he has something else to whine about.

Good News from Iraq -- for the Third Time

Chrenkoff has done it again. He's found the good in Iraq. Read his latest installment and try to tell me that Bush made a mistake. I dare you.

Better yet, try asking the Iraqis, who were freed from Saddam and his murderous regime, if the U.S. made a mistake!

Reader's Guide, part II

I have found a mission for this blog. I'm encouraging people to vote by using their heads rather than the media.

I despise the linear political spectrum, and I'm going to try to free you of its labels. You can be a number of things. To see who you are politically, take the World's Smallest Political Quiz.

Mine came out "libertarian." Nothing else, no other leanings, just like me. I have consistent though unconventional views.

Here's a brief summary of what will be expressed here:

Thoughts on Politics in General

1. Not all Democrats are liberals, nor are all Republicans conservatives. This blog will be completely incomprehensible if you don't free yourself of this stereotype. Whether you are right-wing or left-wing doesn't matter here. I respect all people regardless of political affiliation, and I actually agree with right-wingers on occasion.

2. Vote for who represents you, not for "your party." That's the whole point of a representative democracy. If I think a Democrat is a "liberal assclown," I won't vote for him/her.

3. Remember that when you vote for a presidential candidate, you're voting in an entire administration, not just the candidate, since cabinet members are appointed.

4. Criticism of the president on Supreme Court decisions, terrorist attacks and the liberating of foreign countries should be consistent. John Kerry isn't the only one who seems to change his mind on everything. The media was for foreign intervention before it was against it. Clinton did the same thing in Kosovo as Bush did in Iraq, but only one of them is being treated harshly -- for taking on a larger assignment. Iraq is nowhere near Vietnam in casualties, and some good things are happening there.

5. Stop talking about Kerry changing his mind. The partisans are too blind to see that George W. has flip-flopped on his campaign promises as well. Do you remember when then-governor Bush said that we shouldn't be policing the world? Now we have soldiers all over the Middle East with talk of sending more.

My Political Views

1. We will not have a minority president until around 2050, and even then, the candidate will most likely be a wealthy male Latino (the predicted majority). Give up your bickering about the unfairness of elections and use your head. The president represents the majority of America -- right now, it's still rich, white males -- and the astronomical amount of money required to conduct a campaign means that only the richest candidates have a shot.

2. I believe in a free society, but with limited government, and more than the Libertarian party would allow. The Green party would drive the economy into the dirt with its environmental regulation. The Republican party favors increased personal surveilance to go with the economic freedoms it provides. Another problem is that total, laissez-faire economics has proven itself to be useless. I find the Democratic method for social reform and economic intervention while allowing more personal freedom is the best choice for me. I'd go with a libertarian-leaning liberal.

3. John Kerry is a libertarian-leaning liberal. Unless you can prove to me that he is a menace to society, I make this statement: John Kerry is a douchebag, but I'm voting for him anyway.

4. Restrictions on alcohol, drugs, and prostitution are government waste.

Alcohol: The legal drinking age should be 18. Right now, 18-year-olds are allowed to die for this country and vote to determine our future, but the government still won't let them handle beer.

Drugs: Ever see somebody get sentenced to rehab? Besides, alcohol is probably worse. You never hear about a violent stoner.

Prostitution: Whores do the same thing as porn stars, but apparently going off-camera is illegal.

5. The economy needs to be regulated but not as closely as now. Price controls mess with the laws of economics and only make our farmers even worse off. Welfare is getting out of hand; people should not be able to live off of welfare alone. Outsourcing should be stopped but not by law. I like John Edwards' proposal to offer monetary incentives for keeping businesses in the U.S. (I also hope he is the V.P. candidate.)

6. I like Kerry's approach to personal surveilance -- only where it's needed. We need to have some surveilance to prevent another 9/11, but the Patriot Act is unconstitutional. I also agree with his support of free speech. Hell, the government may be viewing this site as you read this, waiting to arrest me. I wouldn't need to worry quite as much under Kerry's watch.

Illegal Crime Control

In one of the greatest legal ironies yet, English police have allowed the use of marijuana to calm rowdy soccer fans. You've got to love the prospects for stadium owners -- people going to the game just to smoke weed and eat all their food!

I want to live in Europe. Wait...that would mean being neighbors with France. Nevermind. This just goes to show you how far U.S. democracy still has to go before we're really free. Drugs have been shut out just for the sheer declaration of immorality by conservatives, regardless of their lack of victims.

Have you ever seen a drug addict sentenced to rehab? I didn't think so.

For the liberals -- if I see another Reagan bashing, I will freaking explode!!! The guy's dead already, and he's been out of office since '88.

What more could his opponents want?!?!

Screw liberals and conservatives. They all feel pressured to think alike lest they be deemed traitors. Try using that thing in your head called a brain and find your own ideas.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The French Are Screwing Themselves over yet Again

This post on serves as a reminder not to let paranoia infect your political views.

1. How can you study the politics of the universe if you aren't familiar with the rest of the universe yet?

2. Bill Gates probably hates the IRS for taking his bazillions of dollars every April 15, so I don't think he'd be involved in a conspiracy -- on the same side as them.

3. The French, by amending the constitution to protect the environment, have just ruined their own economy by banning deregulation. That means that, if environmental regulations become too strict and suffocate businesses, too bad. Nothing you can do to change it. Furthermore, the parties all voted opposite their political beliefs.

There you have it: three reasons to vote and keep the loonies out of politics.

***Personal Liberty Alert***

If Reggie Rivers thinks soldiers are slaves now, wait 'till he hears about this one.

Selective Service to reinstate the draft by spring 2005

Why has this been out of the mainstream media? Chances are that the major news outlets are focused on the upcoming election. I believe that the movement to reinstate the draft was timed intentionally to fly below the radar. Deliberate deception by the government should not be tolerated.

What makes this worse is that it is an international conspiracy. Canada has already signed an agreement to stop draft dodgers, so don't think you can move away until this blows over.

End the Draft

On May 31, we celebrated our freedom. One of the most important freedoms we have is voluntary military service. If someone is opposed to fighting or serving national defense for a certain cause, then he/she should be able to do so without being threatened with jail time. That is the only reason soldiers in the military aren't slaves of the government. With the draft, soldiers are, in fact, slaves of the government, by being forced into their positions, and we will all suffer the ill effects of slavery again, not to mention low morale from soldiers who don't want to serve. Let's not forget that the prison abuse in Abu Ghraib was blamed in part on a lack of discipline and morale.

Why does one of the largest military forces in the world need more soldiers? We should not be forced to fight just because the commander-in-chief cannot live within his means. If the forces are so spread out that even the reservists aren't enough, the war has run its course and should not continue. If the draft is because of Iraq and Afghanistan, look at things this way: why were we over there in the first place? Bush said himself that we should not be in the business of nation building. He then decided to select countries that he felt needed a new government and -- guess what -- engaged in nation building to bring democracy to those countries. This has nothing to do with the war on terrorism. It's about how Bush was against the war before he supported it, and how we should not be paying the price.


While I still stand by my words, this is an unlikely event.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Libertarianism at What Cost?

Jay Tea of Wizbang! tells his story of an accident scene and proceeds to comment on seatbelts and the law. He points out that we must take the bad with the good -- people, when trusted to self-govern, will make stupid and sometimes fatal mistakes. Also take a look at the comments. I find the concept of "self-Darwinism" semi-serious, but mostly funny. :-)l

Again, logic before laws.

Memorial Day Blogging

American and proud!

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Reggie Rivers Demonstrates Why Football Players Should Never Attempt to Look Intelligent.

No matter how much he blathers on, soldiers are not slaves. They're closer to indentured servants, who voluntarily practiced servant labor, unlike the slaves, who were forced into servitude under threat of death.