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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Conflict of Interest?

Chrenkoff links to Bush Country Ketchup, which is meant to be competition for Heinz.

While I disagree with the Bush Country Ketchup's support of Bush, I do think the issue that arises is intriguing. Some municipalities have ethics policies banning people with a business association from running for office. Should this be done on a larger scale to prevent Kerry from acting in the best interests of Heinz Ketchup?

This issue has applied to Johnstown, my hometown, recently.

It would have prevented Bush from taking office in the first place, Kerry from winning, and may have catapulted John Edwards to candidacy. Edwards wanted to lower taxes, offer incentives to companies that keep business in America. He also believes in individual rights and that gays should be allowed to marry. Democrats and Republicans alike could have found likeable policies. The greatest invention ever, right? No.

In short, no, it should not be legislated anymore. It already is. Thank God for the few rational politicians we have left.

The problem is that this was wrought by partisan voters and a biased media. I am reading a book right now called Out of Order, which points out that the media is just as much to blame as the electoral system for choosing bad candidates. I will be reporting my thoughts on this book and pointing out current examples, since the book came out in '92 on my main site, Uncensored Blog Madness.

Damn the partisans.

I say speak with your vote on business interests. However, the media is altering your opinions on said business interests. Speaking of media bias, my local newspaper is called the Tribune-Democrat (emphasis mine). This damned cycle is getting nowhere. I must finish that book.

Besides, isn't the Democratic party finding a candidate with interests in big business the best competition for Bush, a Reagan follower?