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War on Drugs: Wasted Resources

Friday, June 11, 2004

Illegal Crime Control

In one of the greatest legal ironies yet, English police have allowed the use of marijuana to calm rowdy soccer fans. You've got to love the prospects for stadium owners -- people going to the game just to smoke weed and eat all their food!

I want to live in Europe. Wait...that would mean being neighbors with France. Nevermind. This just goes to show you how far U.S. democracy still has to go before we're really free. Drugs have been shut out just for the sheer declaration of immorality by conservatives, regardless of their lack of victims.

Have you ever seen a drug addict sentenced to rehab? I didn't think so.

For the liberals -- if I see another Reagan bashing, I will freaking explode!!! The guy's dead already, and he's been out of office since '88.

What more could his opponents want?!?!

Screw liberals and conservatives. They all feel pressured to think alike lest they be deemed traitors. Try using that thing in your head called a brain and find your own ideas.