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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

***Personal Liberty Alert***

If Reggie Rivers thinks soldiers are slaves now, wait 'till he hears about this one.

Selective Service to reinstate the draft by spring 2005

Why has this been out of the mainstream media? Chances are that the major news outlets are focused on the upcoming election. I believe that the movement to reinstate the draft was timed intentionally to fly below the radar. Deliberate deception by the government should not be tolerated.

What makes this worse is that it is an international conspiracy. Canada has already signed an agreement to stop draft dodgers, so don't think you can move away until this blows over.

End the Draft

On May 31, we celebrated our freedom. One of the most important freedoms we have is voluntary military service. If someone is opposed to fighting or serving national defense for a certain cause, then he/she should be able to do so without being threatened with jail time. That is the only reason soldiers in the military aren't slaves of the government. With the draft, soldiers are, in fact, slaves of the government, by being forced into their positions, and we will all suffer the ill effects of slavery again, not to mention low morale from soldiers who don't want to serve. Let's not forget that the prison abuse in Abu Ghraib was blamed in part on a lack of discipline and morale.

Why does one of the largest military forces in the world need more soldiers? We should not be forced to fight just because the commander-in-chief cannot live within his means. If the forces are so spread out that even the reservists aren't enough, the war has run its course and should not continue. If the draft is because of Iraq and Afghanistan, look at things this way: why were we over there in the first place? Bush said himself that we should not be in the business of nation building. He then decided to select countries that he felt needed a new government and -- guess what -- engaged in nation building to bring democracy to those countries. This has nothing to do with the war on terrorism. It's about how Bush was against the war before he supported it, and how we should not be paying the price.


While I still stand by my words, this is an unlikely event.