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Thursday, July 22, 2004

America's love-hate relationship with the world

Hating America

I think this is a much-overblown argument here. I'm just going to explain the issue in a few short sentences.

1. America will always have more $$$ than most countries. Therefore, they will all be envious of our success, an unattainable goal to the rest.

2. America is near the top in wealth, but near the bottom in education and worse than socialist countries in standard of living. Foreigners look at this and immediately recognize the waste.

3. Foreigners are not used to a democratic society. They do not value freedom over all other things. Critics of the U.S. are thinking that, from a socialist standpoint, we should give up some of our freedoms for the good of the country.

Europeans criticizing America are full of it. Their healthcare is worse, they can't make as much money as us, and their government is far from effective. Of all people in the world, Europeans should not be hating us. They should, instead, be taking notes.