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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Gov. Schwarzenegger forgets where he is

Calling Democratic legislators "girlie men" for not passing a budget is one thing, but failing to look back and find your own mistakes while standing by your remarks is another.

I thing Gov. Schwarzenegger should apologize to all Californians for being too dumb for government. These kinds of insults only sway people's opinions in movies. Take a step back and look at the facts:
"Number of employees on Gov. Schwarzenegger's staff who make $100,000 or more: 14.

Number of employees on Gov. Davis' staff who made $100,000 or more: 8."
What budget cut? I thought that's why Davis was ousted. Read on:
"Pay concessions Gov. Schwarzenegger vowed to extract by playing hardball with the California prison guards union: $300 million.

Amount of pay concessions actually negotiated by Schwarzenegger with the prison union: $108 million.

Number of weeks it took before a federal judge lambasted Schwarzenegger's prison guard deal for hindering reform: 3.

Amount by which annual payments from Indian casinos will fall short of Schwarzenegger's projections: 30%.

Schwarzenegger's whereabouts just hours after vowing to stay in Sacramento and fight like a warrior to end the budget stalemate: Beverly Hills fund-raiser.

Amount raised at Beverly Hills fund-raiser by Schwarzenegger, who earlier promised to end fund-raising during budget season: Roughly $400,000.

Number of days that have passed since the budget deadline: 21."
Now for the most important numbers -- the bottom line:
"Total dollar amount of the 2003-04 budget signed by ex-Gov. Gray Davis: $99.1 billion.

Total amount of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's first budget after promising to shrink government: $103 billion."
Readers, the numbers can't lie.