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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Question everything -- including 9/11

Was Flight 93 Shot Down?

Were the emergency calls fake?

I'm going to ask it. Why? The entire story reeks of government cover-up.

The "Let's Roll" calls were quite improbable.

Cell phones can indeed work from airplanes, but some calls are cut off, and the rest are difficult to hear. How, then, do all 9/11-related calls reach their destinations?

The color of Islam is green. Why would Islamic terrorist hijackers wear red bandanas, as described in the cell phone calls?

The Cleveland radio transmissions were never confirmed.

Nobody ever confirmed the identity of the caller. For years, we have simply assumed that claims of hijacking meant that it was the nearest airplane with a terrorist on board. No one ever said this outright.

The government has fed the public hoaxes before. It's standard procedure to protect secrets.

I'm sure the recent panic over ephedra is still fresh in your minds. However, I'll bet that most of you don't think aspartame (also known as NutraSweet) is a poison.

Does this have anything to do with the election?

Most people would probably argue that discussion of the events surrounding 9/11 should be bipartisan, as it was a tragedy that we all experienced. While this is true, I believe that the response to the tragedy was poorly handled, from inaction to misguided action to poor reporting.

I doubt that, when faced with a tragedy, that anyone but Bush would respond by continuing to a photo op, and then reading The Pet Goat while the nation is under attack. This would also eliminate the problem of the vice president being forced to act with little or no authority. In turn, this would avoid miscommunication and distrust from the public -- they would be getting the news straight from their leader. The media would then have a clearer handle on who to ask and what exactly happened, eliminating question marks such as this one and replacing them with facts.

Please don't give the Bush administration a chance to fall into any further irresponsibility. One would be led to think that a tragedy followed by seemingly endless war would be enough!

Vote Kerry/Edwards in 2004. At least if the country is headed downhill, you can say you tried to make a change.