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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Republicans just don't get it

According to this Washington Post article, some well-respected Democrats have refrained from speaking at the DNC this year, mostly due to campaigns at home. Why not briefly make an appearance at the DNC for just one day, though? I think this paragraph explains it all:
"Missing in Action

Congressional correspondent Charles Babington noted that some top Democrats will be conspicuously absent when Kerry claims the party's nomination on Thursday night. "The top Democratic candidates from seven of the eight most competitive Senate races will be back home, as will dozens of House candidates," Babington reported. "Publicly, these candidates say they need to spend every possible minute campaigning at home. Privately, some acknowledge they do not want to hand their Republican opponents a ready-made campaign ad linking them to the Democratic Party's more liberal figures, such as Massachusetts Sens. Kerry and Edward M. Kennedy, who will loom large here."
They fear Republican mudslinging. More proof that my thoughts on digging up dirt are true.