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Monday, July 19, 2004

Study of Bush's psyche

Conservatism labeled a mental illness

Things like these are what irks me. The biased psychologists think they have the answer and nobody else does. While I agree with the analysis, and many Republican politicians are like this, not everyone is. Conservatism itself isn't all about tradition. Some of it is about conserving money and eliminating government bureaucracy.

Besides that, Bush is, by definition, not a conservative. Why does the GOP continue to support him? He doesn't represent their ideals...unless I am correct in detecting a conspiracy of the Republican party to gain control of Washington.

I also conclude that George W. Bush's values are similar to those of a dictator, but I will never accuse a large group of people of being clinically insane. Not only is it rude and degrading and inaccurate, but nobody is perfect. I could probably connect liberalism to a mental illness, too, if I wanted.