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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Ted Rall vs. reason

There's a difference between having unconventional views and unnecessary lunacy. Let's compare:


John Kerry is a douche bag, but I'm voting for him anyway.

This site contains factually based political essays backing the author's choice to vote for John Kerry, even though he isn't his favorite.


Ted Rall's comic strip

Outsourcing War Crimes

For starters, there are much better ways of expressing yourself. I'm rabidly anti-censorship, but I don't think any reasonable editor would want to be associated with this toilet humor. I'm not calling for censorship. I just wish the guy could find a more intelligent outlet for his political views. He has valid points, but nobody is receptive to the way they're being brought up.

What I am calling for is for newspaper editors to be more responsible and stop asking for Doonesbury to be pulled while this crap continues.

Idiots like these are the reason the left isn't taken seriously.