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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Defending John Kerry

Jay Tea at Wizbang has a rundown on his thoughts. I agree -- a man fighting a war shouldn't be accused of crimes if he's trying to defend himself. This line reflects a theme that's been brought up more than once here:

"Now, I'd really, REALLY like to put Vietnam and Bush's National Guard
service behind us, and focus on issues and more recent accomplishments."

Again I say, back to the issues, please. Speaking of issues, I'd like to point out the challenge:
"I hereby challenge Kerry's supporters to cite three major accomplishments of John Kerry's from the last 20 years. If ANYONE can point out a few positive things Kerry has done since getting to the elected, I'd be eternally grateful.

Bonus points will be awarded to those who come up with the most plausible explanation why Kerry's missed 83% of all roll call votes in the Senate and 75% of all public hearings of the Intelligence Committee over the last year isn't more compelling evidence of his being "AWOL" from his duties as a Senator than were ever presented in regards to Bush's National Guard service."

Information will be forthcoming by the end of the week.