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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Enough already!

I will no longer comment on Kerry's or Bush's war records.

Bush has had the same war record when he ran in 2000. I'll be damned if anyone should find a legitimate reason to bring it up now. Besides, he released his records. Anyone can find the truth for himself.

Kerry's campaign is being consumed by the SwiftVets controversy. He challenged Bush to discuss the issues, and Bush came back with an ad attacking his SIC attendance record. Then Bush made a blanket denouncement of 527's, hardly an apology to Kerry for the damage. Besides, a statement released by the SwiftVets indicated that they will continue their attacks regardless.

Once Bob Dole suddenly decided to become involved again, I began to wonder about the magnitude of this entire controversy. What's the deal? I think I established earlier that Kerry's story regarding his Purple Heart medals checks out. Besides, how can you say a man who still carries shrapnel in his leg and suffers from partial hearing loss didn't make a sacrifice?

These are my final comments on the issue, no matter how many more times it surfaces. The press is following this immature, cheap-shot battle only for the ratings, and that is the only reason it will continue. What I need is more information about what's going on NOW.