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Monday, August 30, 2004

Free pass?

Andrew Sullivan has returned from his month-long hiatus to find this. Apparently, since Kerry isn't a born-again evangelist, he's not entitled to forget his mistakes. Who suddenly made Bush a moral authority?

So Kerry is of lesser moral standing because he kept his faith the whole time, or has gone through a similar experience as a Catholic? Utter bullshit. Beginning with Clinton, it has been established that moral values have little effect on a man's ability to run the country. Even after the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the man didn't suffer a drop in approval. In fact, those were the times when the government managed to turn a budget surplus. Somebody has to stop these people from running wild, turning Republicans into crazed fundamentalists. Sadly, this kind of ancient anti-Catholic mindset is experiencing a revival.

In America, nobody should receive a free pass for being an newly enlightened fool. Accountability breeds responsibility, which in turn breeds better leaders.