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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Media dominance of the election

Many liberals are resorting to arguments like "Bush lied," "Bush caused 9/11," "Bush should be impeached," etc., but without reason or supporting evidence. I refuse to go down that road. I believe that W. is a fellow man, with whom I happen to disagree, who has his own thoughts on our problems that are possible solutions. So where is that man?

Thanks to the obviously liberal media, finding the man behind the photo-ops is becoming a rather difficult task as of late. I'd love to point out some of Bush's strengths along with his weaknesses and give better information, but I simply don't have time to sift through every single news article ever written. My hope is that people will eventually recognize the press's hunger for conflict and stop the madness, redirecting discussion back toward where it was four years ago -- education, healthcare, Social Security, foreign policy, taxes, and everything else that actually applies to the job of a U.S. president.

This is an open call for anyone willing to help to point me toward news that portrays our current president in a positive light so I can cover both sides of each issue. I have a hard time believing that putting George W. Bush in office for another four years will spell doomsday.