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Friday, August 27, 2004

The null argument

Wonder why major media outlets won't cover the SwiftVets controversy? Well, wonder no more. The problem is that neither side of the argument is completely legitimate.

Kerry's statements about what he did during the Vietnam War match official records. However, the SwiftVets aren't actually attacking him. According to a letter addressed to Senator Kerry, they just want him to release these records.

Kerry, it's up to you now: Fill out the 180 form and get it over with. The sooner, the better, even if there's hell to pay, and you're exposed as a liar. We need honesty and accountability restored to Washington.

Until then, remember -- nobody "gives a rat's ass about what he did in Vietnam." It's about exposing an opportunist, and both candidates fit the bill. Look at the events this way:
  • Kerry protests the Vietnam War.
  • Kerry is drafted, serves in Vietnam on a Navy swiftboat.
  • Kerry requests early leave to become a politician.
  • Kerry is honorably discharged, protests the war again.
  • Kerry pretends to throw medals away in D.C. protest, only to hang them on his wall later.
  • Kerry the senator makes peace negotiations counter to the government's intentions.
  • Kerry, despite a strong peacetime record and obvious liberal bias, campaigns on the issues of national security, war in Iraq, and his questionable service in the U.S. Navy.
  • Kerry ignores his duties to the Senate while on the campaign trail, but makes bold promises for what he will do as president.

Now for Bush's history, in similar fashion:

  • Bush goes to college, fails to get a deferment from the draft.
  • Bush joins the National Guard in TX, where he serves with the elite.
  • Bush requests transfer, which is not approved for a year (the AWOL incident).
  • Bush, without orders from the National Guard, leaves to campaign for a fellow Republican.
  • Bush finally is transferred to a unit in CO, in which he is not required to train or even report for duty.
  • Bush begins a failed business career in the oil industry. Eventually, he will lump all of the failed companies into a single disaster.
  • Bush forms alleged ties with the Saudi Royal Family to attract new oil investors.
  • Bush's failed S&L business heavily fined for catering to criminals.
  • Bush owns baseball's Texas Rangers, failing to do anything to boost profits.
  • Bush becomes governor of TX, authorizes a record amount of executions, promises in presidential campaign to bring health insurance to every single American and fully fund education, two things which we have yet to witness.
  • Bush also presses the banning of stem-cell research and abortion, both of which remain legal.
  • Bush gives the tax cuts he promised, while the economy suffers a recession.
  • Bush remains at a photo-op to preserve his image -- while the nation is under attack.
  • Bush delays the hunt for the 9/11 culprits by nearly two months, then attempts to "liberate" Afghanistan in the process.
  • Bush, with tentative information, makes a case for war in nearby Iraq.
  • Bush fails to complete the war on time, and we still have troops in both countries.
  • Bush continues to press the "War on Terror" and the "War on Drugs" to distract from his shortcomings.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spot who isn't an opportunist.

(Hint: It sure isn't either one of these guys.)

UPDATE: Logic and our legal system advise us to dismiss the SwiftVets' charges.

Kerry's account matches the official records. The burden of proof remains on the accusers. If said accusers cannot prove their story, then the case should be dismissed.