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War on Drugs: Wasted Resources

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Reasons John Kerry has my support

First, I'd like to mention that the so-called "facts" being brought out by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth conflict with official records, and most of Kerry's story (excluding the Christmas in Cambodia lie) appears to check out. Also, the men behind these ads, despite their disclaimer, might as well wave a banner with the B-C '04 logo on it. In fact, Kerry's seemingly outrageous claim that Bush is supporting the SBVFT guys' attacks has some substance to it.

Michelle Malkin has found more stories on that.

Now, I know people out there are voting "against Bush," but don't actually support Kerry. This believing in the "wasted vote" for a third-party candidate, is perhaps the major cause for our two-party system. I, however, will not do such a thing. My vote goes with a person with whom I can agree. That man, for me, really is John Kerry. Three reasons why:

1. Kerry favors environmental protection. As a both a lifetime asthma sufferer sick of air pollution and a fisherman frustrated with the increasing amount of polluted waters, I support his work, especially his signing a letter to the EPA, asking for stronger action regarding mecury cleanup.

2. Kerry favors a decrease in oil dependency. I agree with him on all aspects of this issue, especially the vote to push the production of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

3. Kerry opposes increased funding to the "War on Drugs." This could be the topic of its own writing, but in short, I'd be glad to see my tax dollars spent elsewhere.

As for Kerry's poor attendance at Senate Intelligence Committee hearings, there is no doubt that he missed at least 76% of them. The open ones, at least. The attacks are off the mark -- they fail to consider the hearings that are not open to the public. The best thing for Kerry to do right now would be to ask the head of the SIC to release the attendance records for the closed hearings to set the record straight.

The truth: there is no reliable record for us to use.

Therefore, unless we can see the attendance records for the closed-door meetings, and prove that Kerry did not receive information from them, this is not a very credible attack.