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Friday, August 27, 2004

Stolen Honor preview

Stolen Honor is trying to do just that -- steal your honorable vote. Based on the sample clips (link thanks to Wizbang) it appears to be nothing but a series of interviews with men who hold a personal grudge against Vietnam protesters. They also mention Jane Fonda. How does that discredit anyone besides...well, Jane Fonda? Besides, documentaries like these that attempt to use Kerry against himself are the very reason he won't release his military records. I have a sneaking suspicion that these people would manipulate even the official record to see Kerry booted out of the election. The interviews showcase arguments that are tentative at best.

Clip #1

Quotes from protesters were being played on loudspeakers to the American P.O.W.'s in Vietnam.

So what? The North Vietnamese were using the protesters' words out-of-context as propaganda. Likewise, I could quote the Bible to support Satan. Does that mean the Bible was written by the devil? No.

Check Kerry's voting record to see if he supports our troops.

This is unfair to Kerry. Check Bush's record to see if he supports our troops and get back to me. I took a look at both men's actions.

A good leader admits to his mistakes and leads us in another direction.

So why does Bush keep running into a brick wall with his environmental policy? Some say that all he has to do is drop the drilling of the ANWR, and it would be passed. Why does Bush continue with his bad economic policy, which flies in the face of the facts?

Better yet, the Vietnam War was in the hands of four U.S. presidents. How did they respond?
  • Eisenhower, during the rush to stop the spread of communism, signed a treaty with the South Vietnamese pledging military support.
  • JFK received a letter from the South Vietnamese president requesting assistance. As a result of the treaty, his hands were tied. He sent troops.
  • LBJ believed in the mission and kept it going.
  • Nixon came up with this half-baked idea of "peace with dignity," in which we would continue the attack as we retreated. Sounds quite indecisive to me.

Such is the nature of politics. If you admit to your mistakes, you lose votes. Tell me, have we ever had a president who was able to change his course of action in mid-blunder? Kerry admitted to his mistakes in Vietnam, and protested the war. Now he's being demonized for it. Will the fickle attempts to discredit him ever stop?

Clip #2

Nixon was honored and feared for keeping his word.

Which word? He said we need to keep attacking, but he also wanted to get the troops out.

The Vietnam War was an example of the president upholding a treaty.

Fine -- JFK's hands were tied. But did LBJ or Nixon decide that the war was becoming a problem and exit? No.

Clip #3

The interrogator was using statements from the antiwar protesters to say that we need to be punished. If we unilaterally withdrew from Vietnam, they would've killed us.

Wouldn't part of withdrawing be the rescuing of the P.O.W.'s?

If Kerry witnessed the supposed "war crimes," why didn't he stop them?

Kerry admitted to being involved. He saw the error after he came home. My question is not "why," but HOW was he supposed to stop them?

If you listen to Kerry long enough, you'll hear both sides of every issue.

If you listen to Bush long enough, you'll hear both sides as well. He campaigned in 2000 as a "peace president." Now look at where we stand. He now campaigns as a "war president." Looks like we've found Waffles' evil twin.


Besides, take a look at the poll on the movie's homepage. Isn't a poll meant to be an impartial response mechanism? A one-sided poll is a brazen display of manipulation, which is obviously the intent of its creators. And everyone thought Michael Moore was bad...