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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bush's true colors shine through

Kerry makes a good call.

He has, on numerous occasions, stood accused of being a liberal flip-flopper who sways with his political opportunities. However, the facts are against these accusations:

1. Kerry is a conservative Democrat. The Republicans are being beaten by their own philosophy, and they need to learn how to deal with it.

2. Kerry should not be expected to carry the exact same message for 30 years. If he did that, he'd be labeled an outdated dinosaur.

3. If anyone is chasing opportunism, it's Bush.

Bill Maher gets the idea. (Ed: His opinions resemble mine. The dream of a political career continues.)

Further proof of Bush's opportunism: he let the assault weapons ban expire in spite of massive public support.

What do I think about the ban? It is perfectly fine, and needs to be renewed, albeit with minor changes, such as allowing the police to use them in defense of the criminals who obtain guns on the black market. That, however is a subject for a later entry.

Bush claims that he's simply supporting our Second Amendment rights, but a whopping 75% of Americans support the ban. So what is driving Bush's lack of action? Could it be a pending endorsement from the NRA liars? Besides, who needs one of these to kill a deer?