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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Democracy in Iraq

Saddam Hussein's lawyer advised him that he could run for president of Iraq and rightfully reclaim his palace. With no trial expected soon, his candidacy is a real possibility. As for those of you who doubt that he could win, a recent survey shows that 42% of Iraqis would like to see Saddam back in power, as opposed to 40% who wish to see him executed.

This puts Bush in a precarious situation. He has three options:

1. Prevent Saddam Hussein from attaining candidacy.

2. Let Saddam reclaim power, undoing the efforts of all military action.

Should W. choose option #1, he is interfering with freedom in Iraq, thus altering our troops' status officially from liberators to occupiers. If he goes with option #2, the 1,000+ troops and innocent civilians have died needlessly for a war that ran us in a circle and accomplished nothing.