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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Unions only work with compromise

News from the hometown:

Isn't the point of negotiations to...negotiate? Instead of doing so, the school board president of the Richland school district, whose teachers are on strike, said the following:
" 'I defy anyone to tell me that our proposal [for a cap on premiums] is not a fair and equitable proposal,' said Rex McQuaide, school board president. "We cannot in good faith ask a taxpayer to pony up additional money to subsidize a health-care plan that the taxpayer himself doesn't have.'

McQuaide said the board warned the union that if it went on strike, any negotiated pay raises would not be retroactive.

'The union is going to test our resolve, and they will find out we will not yield.' "

So, despite every local taxpayer being charged with funding the school district, it is unreasonable to provide free healthcare to the teachers, who are constantly exposed to unsanitary schoolchildren? Besides, refusing to budge is negotiating in bad faith, also.

Never mind the bad English. The word is "dare," not "defy."

Some people just need to grow up and get a clue.