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Saturday, November 13, 2004

"Democratic Reality:" The New Oxymoron

I can't go small game hunting this weekend, so I'm sticking with moonbats. If your writing looks like this, this, this, this, or this, then you are a probable target.

Look, all I'm asking is for my party to give it up (unlike some easily debunked morons), regroup, and find a middle ground from where we can actually reach Republican voters. No, Applebee's will not solve all of our problems. Likewise, no amount of psychotherapy can turn back time and hand the election over to Senator Kerry.

Meanwhile, while we wrestle with the simple notion of existence, the U.N. is pressuring Poland to change its abortion laws. Whatever happened to the organization being a summit of independent, sovreign nations? Now the U.N. wants a hand in the policies of governments it could never fully understand.

Where is our president when he should be defending Poland, both pro-life and an ally? He's off pitching his latest amnesty proposal.

Also, please don't tell me that southern conservatives didn't have an effect on this election. This one comes from the states, completely unrelated to the Bush administration.