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Saturday, November 06, 2004

First post-election blunder

...And it's not even from Bush!

My jaw dropped when I read this. It seems that Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), expected to become head of the Senate Judiciary Committe soon, has warned George W. Bush not to appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices:
"When you talk about judges who would change the right of a woman to choose, overturn Roe vs. Wade, I think that is unlikely."
Those of you who bet on the Republican majority in Congress beginning to legislate Christian values, let this be a lesson about stereotyping.

Arlen Specter, moron

Not only has Specter betrayed his party, but he dually offends those of us who are frustrated with the manipulation of the Supreme Court to promote a specific agenda. The senator has already limited his decision, regardless of the justice's ability or overall beliefs, demonstrating small-minded thinking and an unwillingness to compromise, two things that detract from any political process. Not only that, but he does this after affirming his strong support of the pro-life George W. Bush, an overt act of deception. In his last political advertisement, Arlen Specter replayed his statement that he supported the president 89% of the time. I guess we're experiencing the other 11% right now.

Assistance requested


I'm reaching across party lines to ask you, regardless of your political affiliation, to assist me in preventing Sen. Specter's rise to chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, or at least making our senate Republicans aware that he is strongly opposed. We cannot have men who stand prejudiced against particular viewpoints having any type of authority over our justice system. Justice is supposed to be blind.

If you plan to contact any senators, be sure to do so A.S.A.P. Senate Republicans may hold a caucus on this decision as soon as next week.

Contact Information:
Find your state's senators

Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN), Senate Majority Leader

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), Senator in question

Please note that this is a decision to be made by Senate Republicans, so do not contact Democratic senators regarding this issue.
If you have a high-traffic website or weblog, I encourage you to post this notice. If you are a reader, please email this message to everyone you know. Perhaps with enough cooperation, we can take this down, CBS-style. I just can't wait to see what Tom Brokaw compares weblogging to next.

A plea to end abortion

I have found a way to be Catholic, pro-life, and a Democrat at the same time. While I will defend a pro-choice politician's right to run for office, especially if the race is between pro-choice and pro-mistake (i.e. Kerry vs. Bush), I am personally opposed to abortion, and I will do all that is in my power to ban the brutal practice so long as it does not involve compromising my vote.

Politicians and judges have made the issue of abortion more complicated than it really is. Let's face the fact that a fetus takes on a human nature within a few weeks. Forget about a woman's right to choose. Forget about the definition of "meaningful life."

Fact: Abortion kills.

If a doctor kills, he/she is in violation of the Hippocratic Oath taken upon entering the medical profession. End of story.

There stand the Equal Opportunity Facts -- they hold true regardless of race, age, gender, nationality, or religious beliefs. However, the Supreme Court has thrown a wrench into the reinstatement of an abortion ban ever since Roe v. Wade, which occurred 31 years ago. While I believe that the previous attempt was futile and could be related to ramming a brick wall, an attempt to ban abortion constitutionally by overturning the old court ruling is quite acceptable, and with a president who promises to appoint pro-life justices, we have been given a rare opportunity to do just that, and I will not let this moment pass without action.

The time has come to give our radically liberal politicians a cold, hard dose of reality.

Speaking of Sen. Arlen Specter...

Spoons has a list of more controversial decisions he's made.

Does this look like a man who supports our president? I think not. The man lied his way into re-election, once tried to undercut one of his supporters, and now he is about to be considered for a promotion. The time has come to ensure that he does not receive it.