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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

We drank the Kool-aid and paid the price

Despite having some rather well-founded thoughts on why a President Kerry could be a step up for this country, I gave in to the Democrats' radical side, and for good reason -- I was deceived. We were all deceived. I helped promote the radical left-wing agenda, despite flashes of being a reasonable liberal, and I'm sorry.

I am all in favor of the mission in Iraq. In fact, the war-antiwar struggle should've ended a year ago when troops first entered Iraq, with victory on all of our minds. Nobody needs a failed Iraq, and Kerry's wavering would not have been the most efficient way to conduct things.

While I'm convinced that we may have passed the point of law solving abortion, considering that it's been around since ancient history, if the new conservative government can successfully ban it, without being struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court three times, I will support them. Catholics need to stop bickering about the vote now and work with what we have. Let's put aside our differences and fight for the right to life at all stages. Even if you define the fetus as not having "meaningful life," the doctor is bound by oath not to kill. End of story.

And that is the reason for the lack of posts toward Election Day. Perhaps it's not too late to save face and hope for a reasonable candidate next time.

Let's face it: Kerry never was the best the Dems had to offer, just the wealthiest. What kind of rational politician can't let go of Vietnam? Why did he keep using his admittedly criminal war experience as proof of his leadership? Why did he divorce his first wife to pursue a Senate seat? He should not have tempted fate. Had Kerry tended to his wife, we wouldn't be in this situation today. Finally, I won't even try to defend the "wrong war, wrong place, wrong time" comment. Not only is that incongruous with his affirmed support for Iraq, but when presented with an opportunity to clear things up, he promoted what seemed to be the further division of his mind. Typical of a pandering senator, but poor for a commander-in-chief.

Though the rhetoric in the debates dominated, I couldn't discern anything new or clearly expressed. He talked in circles, using a superior command of the English language to disguise indecision. At least Bush was honest about where he stands, and I wonder if he wasn't right. Kerry wants to negotiate on Iraq and the oil contracts after outright denouncing them! We've already accepted the mission to police the world, and it's too late to turn back.

Furthermore, he outgunned Bush and still lost. He raised more money, and garnered more good press, but clearly communicated a poor image. Not only that, but the Democratic Party may have contributed to his defeat, courting the likes of Michael Moore openly, drawing the ire of mainstream America. I still believe that the Bush-Saudi connection is a valid talking point, but Moore has distorted our politics far beyond a simple negotiation with the Saudi royal family, pushing into accusations of fraud, war crimes, and assorted abuses of power that simply do not exist.

My opposition to Bush is mainly because he possesses things that one should not legislate, intangible moral values. Kerry is a foil -- cold-hearted, calculating opportunist, and politically intelligent (at least better than W.). I liked him for his superior handling of politics until the end. While he ultimately received my vote, Kerry was definitely not my favorite Democrat. I think John Edwards, had he not run out of money, had a good chance. But even then, we have his political inexperience. And Howard Dean just has too many crazy ideas to come up with bills that would actually pass through Congress. Let's sweep up the front porch.

Unfortunately for the left, these are our front-runners. Where are the liberal versions of the Republicans I respect, the Democrats' version of Reagan, Bush Sr., Giuliani, or McCain? Why have the pro-life Democrats been silenced under the threat of political suicide?

It's so bad that we've re-elected a man whose tenure as president nearly self-destructed, not to mention the recent rash of government-subsidized homophobia. (The Catholic Church even accepts gays, just not gay marriage.) I hope that this is a wake-up call to the folks who worship the DU and as heroes to their cause.

Edwards in 2008?