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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Rebel without a clue

A reason why I don't dismiss conservatives as morons

A man protesting seatbelt laws died in an automobile accident in which a seatbelt could have saved his life. Look, hippies, "the man" is dead, and you killed him by joining in the political process and making yourselves a people under the establishment.

Some laws exist to protect us. Without that law, his blood would be on the government's hands.

(From somewherequiet)

Monday, January 10, 2005

Just call him Arafat, Jr.

Abbas, the man who supposedly wishes for Palestine to embrace peaceful democracy, is also a man who denies the Holocaust, blaming its place in history on a "Zionist conspiracy." He's set to win the Palestinian election.

I'm reminded of a movie clip I saw on television last week in which a man who denied the Holocaust was barred from testifying in court due to a lack of validity. If this is true in real life, then we again don't have a legitimate partner in peace.

As much as I loathe war and violence, cooperating with a known enemy of Israel's major demographic isn't the solution.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Kerry, say it ain't so!

I think I've located the source of the left's troubles -- blind faith. It's a killer. We've learned that the hard way as we experience the aftermath of the failed "Anyone But Bush" doctrine.

I was totally convinced that a "president Kerry" would have been a step up for our country, simply because he presented himself better and promised peaceful solutions. In reality, these things were smokescreens for indecision. He couldn't declare all-out peace because he wouldn't be able to change his mind and declare war. He couldn't declare all-out war because he was scarred by Vietnam. Permanently.

I believe my father, as a Vietnam veteran, could attest to the psychological damage that those soldiers may have suffered. Some forty years later, he continues to remind me of the evils of war and why it should only be a last resort, using his experience with the U.S. Navy as examples.

This leads me to believe that Sen. Kerry may not have been as up-front about himself as we'd like to believe. Note the similarities between this occurence and what he did in Vietnam:
  • War breaks out, and he supports it wholeheartedly
  • His short-sightedness fails to recognize the consequences
  • He comes up with an excuse and attempts activism
  • When the activism falls short, he meets with the enemy
He's a "if you want it to be done right, then do it yourself" guy. Such a belief will win a man respect, but this sort of attitude should be cast aside when it threatens the integrity official U.S. policy. Maybe there is hope for this country. Fifty-one percent of us knew better than to give this man executive power.