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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Liberalism and Iraq

The previous post concerning Bush's mistakes in foreign policy will be the last unless a serious problem, rather than a political disagreement from several years ago, arises. Anyone concered with remaining within the confines of reality should seriously consider supporting the success of a democratic Iraq. The only other alternatives that I can see right now are leaving a chaotic hole in the Middle East or killing every single Islamic radical, neither of which are desirable actions.

Supporting Iraqi freedom while being opposed to the Iraq war is not hypocritical but a paradox. It's about living within reality, not creating a new one. Creating a new reality would be denying that the war ever happened or assuming that it has been a failure, as Wizbang notes. I'd like to know where the antiwar congressmen were when the authority to act in Iraq was passed unanimously.

Unlike these people, I've decided to put my opposition to the war aside and do some good with the peace we have left. I'm a true humanitarian, not one who will fight even success in the name of political gain. Take something bad and make it good. It's time for true liberals to help the Iraqi people, who have been innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire, people involved in neither Saddam's nor Bush's actions.

My issues were with how Bush handled the war, mainly his ignorance of other crises and the decision to prematurely end weapons inspectors' tour of Iraq. If we had a president who let the inspectors finish, created and discussed a comprehensive plan, and did not promise a swift war where one could not happen, all would be well.

Where do we go from here? Let the military take on a humanitarian role and provide aid to suffering Iraqis, withdraw troops within the next few months, and respond to the genocide in Darfur. This is where my opposition lies, not in a free Iraq.

Was he right on the war? Some rejoice, others are threatening. It is now our duty to cut the right/wrong crap and fight the return of a government reminiscient of the Taliban.

Regardless, I understand President Bush's place in history as a hero to some. He responded to the 9/11 attacks with the right mix of compassion and vengeance to capture the hearts of a great deal of Americans. He faced the opposition head-on and realized his visions anyway. Does that make him a pushover or a winner? Clinton was a winner for doing the same thing -- fighting a Republican-dominated Congress and still achieving his goals.

Let people idolize whomever they want. I will do no such thing for any man.

Hypocrisy in the left? I concur, but you won't find it here. Maybe liberating Iraq was a sloppy process, but the end result of Iraqis becoming an important ally in Middle Eastern terrorism control must be honored.