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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

War and piece

I wanted badly to support the U.S. crusade for democracy. I wanted to say I played a part in helping to free millions. Not only did I forsee a mission in Afghanistan following 9/11, but I also supported it 100%. Even as I saw some of the problems with war, I figured that if we're going into Iraq, we might as well do some good.

After the Bush administration stated in no uncertain terms that we'd be in Iraq for the long haul, I could no longer support its mission. War is an ugly thing. Unplanned war is even uglier. But to drag out an unplanned war over a period of four or more years? I didn't even want to imagine it.

I cannot ignore how this war was conducted without respect for our soldiers.

Now everyone who supported the war is further demonizing a legitimate portion of the populace with "we were right" taunts. So much for supporting freedom. We can't even have freedom here without someone trying to crush dissent.

What is the point of the gloating over Iraq's first election? It carries little or no consequence if the leaders elected do not serve faithfully. Also note that the U.S. is expected to need about 2 more years of military committment. Why are people declaring victory now?

If you want to use the Iraqi elections as a declaration of victory, then the war is over, right? Iraq now has a military force, voters, and a democratic government. What is left for us to do besides monitor the government and make sure it does Bush's bidding?

Great, we liberated Iraq. Now bring the troops home, where they can be congratulated for a job well done. Then send them to Libya and Darfur on truly humaitarian missions.

Besides, Iraq needs to function on its own, now, or the U.S. will officially become an occupier and another oppressor. The time has come for the president to be straight with us that he has no plan instead of spinning practically everything as a part of his strategery.

Furthermore, the "fight the terrorists on their home turf" idea has placed us at risk, and the federal government has taken no action besides creating a Department of Paranoia and passing the USA Dictatorship Act. Our borders remain wide open. If you think al-Qaeda has not attacked because we've dealt them a severe blow, think again. These terrorists are more than petty criminals. They are strategic geniuses, planning moves years in advance. God help us when they strike again; our safety has taken a back seat (source) to W.'s popularity.

Reality Check:
  • When did violent war become a humanitarian action?
  • When did tearing a country nearly in half (literally) give the president a clear mandate?
  • When did being fiscally irresponsible qualify someone to run the country's economy?
Unfortunately, Bush is just as adept at creating an alternative reality as the radical left.