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Sunday, March 27, 2005

On the fate of Terri Schiavo

I respect those of you who had the heart (and guts) to cover this delicate issue, but I believe it has been done in vain. This was a private matter, one which should have remained as such. If the dispute couldn't have been stopped, the case should've been largely suppressed from the media until its conclusion (for the sake of integrity), which would be decided by a local judge. Anything more is simply making the pain and suffering of all parties involved worse.

End of story.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


I don't care who you are, or what your stance is on the war in Iraq. This soldier deserves respect.

Interesting overlooked point

If anyone wants to know why I disapprove of science screwing with genetics, look no further:
Color blind hunters are better able to pick out prey against a confusing background. A dozen prehistoric hunters would have done well to have at least one such member in their posse. An 8% prevalence equals 1 in 12. More contemporary military leaders often recruited color blind soldiers to help them see through certain types of camouflage.
(Link thanks to The Squire)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Campaign reform lunacy

What was the goal of campaign finance reform, again? I thought it had something to do with leveling the political playing field. If this is true, then


Kerry outspent Bush. Bush won the presidential election. Money is no longer an issue. So why are people still pressing onward? The congnitive dissonance is unbelievable.

I agree that private bloggers need not fear for the following reasons:
  • The apparent target is one who engages in paid endorsements.

  • A hyperlink to a candidate's website is not tantamount to a donation itself, but a notification, just like being a campaign volunteer who notifies others of how to contribute. No actual monetary contribution has been made.

  • I have faith in our lawyers. If they can win cases for people who blame corporations for their own stupidity, I think they can handle a little free speech arguing.
That's not my problem. My problem is why the dialogue hasn't ended and shifted to something more relevant.